Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top Cities For Tech Jobs In 2012

Top Cities For Tech Jobs In 2012

Aside from getting certified, though, employees need to be in the right place. That isn’t always easy. Ever since the recession took hold in 2008, jobs in the United States haven’t been abundant. The great thing about the technology industry is that a lot of the companies tend to call the same place home. That means that moving to one of a number of different cities can vastly increase a person’s chance of landing a tech job.

Traditionally, San Jose and San Francisco have been two of the top metro areas to work in technology. That’s because Silicon Valley is largely comprised the San Jose metropolitan area, and San Francisco is also home to the famed region. According to data released from a recruiting firm named CyberCoders, though, that much has changed. In a release published by the firm, Houston was actually listed as the top city for tech jobs. San Jose came in second, while San Francisco was fifth. The third and fourth spots on the list were occupied by Philadelphia and Dallas, respectively.

The reason for Houston’s jump to the top of the list was its demand for clean energy. The city has always prided itself on its energy jobs, but 2011 saw demand peak for clean energy. That strong demand helped fuel a large growth in the tech sector for Houston, pushing it ahead of San Jose. The most popular tech jobs available in Houston include .NET and Sharepoint developers. Clearly, these aren’t your average tech jobs. A .NET developer’s mid-career salary is $88,000, while a Sharepoint developer’s is $94,000. With these kinds of jobs being offered in Houston, it’s no wonder they were able to top the list.

Despite San Jose falling to second on the list, it’s still an area that’s doing a lot of hiring for a lot of coveted jobs. The area had a 100 percent jump in technology jobs over the last year. All sorts of positions were added in the San Jose area. Developers in nearly every category, including Java and C++, are currently in demand. Software and QA engineering positions were also frequently added. The salaries for positions in this category typically range between $75,000 and $85,000.

Demand for Java developers and software engineers is also the driving force behind Philadelphia’s rise. They’re ranked as the third best city for tech jobs. Network engineering was also a major point of demand for Philadelphia tech companies. Other cities that have strong demand for technology jobs include Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle and Atlanta. Seattle being home to Microsoft has obviously kept it as one of the best cities for tech, while cities such as Chicago and Atlanta have simply seen a growth in jobs as more tech companies call these cities home. Some of the most demanded jobs with the highest pay have included the aforementioned developer jobs, as well as mobile application development.

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