Thursday, October 31, 2013

Businesses seek to fill gap in U.S. IT talent

Businesses seek to fill gap in U.S. STEM talent
The U.S. business community is increasingly collaborating with state agencies and colleges to increase the number of graduates with backgrounds in math, science and engineering in the hopes of staving off a looming shortage of skilled workers needed to fill jobs in the technology sector. Recruiters report a surge in the number of job openings requiring a STEM Science Technology Engineering and Math background, but the U.S. still ranks below its peers in producing talent. One program -- funded by the National Science Foundation -- is pairing middle schoolers with mentors in the field in an effort to woo more into IT, engineering and related careers.

Business Imaging Expo

Business Imaging Expo
The modern office is changing rapidly, as content is becoming part of a centralized workflow and sellers and consumers of related devices are looking for ways to streamline their processes. CompTIA partner 1105 Media's event, the Business Imaging Expo, scheduled Dec. 10 to 12 in Las Vegas, brings together the worlds of business process optimization, enterprise content management, document printing and managed IT, providing an educational event and show floor that addresses all the facets of the office technology industry.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Few young Americans consider cybersecurity as a career choice, poll finds

Few young Americans consider cybersecurity as a career choice, poll finds
Fewer than 1 in 4 young adults have expressed an interest in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, according to a study commissioned by Raytheon that finds millennials are beginning to implement basic security measures but lack a broader knowledge of the field. The researchers blame the shortfall on a lack of engagement from older adults, with less than 20% of respondents saying they had learned about opportunities in the cybersecurity sector from teachers or guidance counselors. Homeland Security Today

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HP promises to find a security gap in 12 minutes

HP expands security services for business customers
Hewlett-Packard aims to boost enterprise security by providing customers several new tools, one of which promises to find a security gap in 12 minutes and resolve 92% of security incidents within two hours of being detected. The company is also introducing anti-hacker solutions, including SureStart, which is aimed at stopping subversion of the basic input/output system and can self-repair the system following a malware attack.