Wednesday, January 30, 2013

State alliance adopts cloud approach to save on storage

State alliance adopts cloud approach to save on storage

The Western States Contracting Alliance says it will use cloud systems to house data, with the goal of reducing storage and support costs and improving energy efficiency.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gartner revises 2013 IT forecast as confidence returns to the market

Gartner revises 2013 IT forecast as confidence returns to the market

Shifting economic trends, including increased market confidence, will propel IT spending higher than expected in 2013, according to a revised forecast from Gartner. The research firm projects that demand for enterprise software will experience the sharpest increase, while device growth is expected to slow in part because of an influx of lower-cost Android tablets.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feds commit money, manpower to boosting cybersecurity

Feds commit money, manpower to boosting cybersecurity

The Defense Department is getting more money -- and specific marching orders -- to bolster cybersecurity efforts as part of a $633 billion spending bill that includes provisions for developing new cyberdefenses. The Pentagon is focused on building and buying tools that can combat new and emerging threats, investigating the use of Big Data technologies and planning to better consolidate its IT infrastructure.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Employment figures show IT job gains in 2012

Employment figures show IT job gains in 2012

The U.S. workforce netted 155,000 new jobs in December, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The IT industry saw a 2.2% increase in the number of jobs during the year, according to a report from Janco Associates. That doesn't sound very good, but if one takes out nontechnical professions that are included in the IT category -- such as nurses and welders -- the growth rate improves. Many companies are cautiously optimistic that hiring will fare better this year.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cisco, NXP invest in car-safety communications

Cisco, NXP invest in car-safety communications

Cisco Systems and NXP Semiconductors are getting into advanced car-communications technology that could enhance motor-vehicle safety. Both are investing in Australia-based Cohda Wireless, which makes hardware for car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications systems and software that improves radio reception, making it easier for vehicles to communicate with one another.

Friday, January 11, 2013

CDIA+ Certification and PDI+ Certification Exams for Document Imaging Skills

CompTIA and Leading Manufacturers Extend Program Aimed at Enhancing Printing and Document Imaging Skills among IT Workforce

Special pricing and training options available for CompTIA PDI+, industry’s top vendor-neutral printing and document imaging certification

 CompTIA, the non-profit trade association for the information technology (IT) industry, in cooperation with seven leading manufacturers of technology products, said today it is extending a special program aimed at helping IT professionals build their skills in printing and document imaging technology solutions.

Printing and document imaging solutions manufacturers Brother, Canon U.S.A. Consumer Imaging Group, HP, Lexmark, Sharp, Panasonic and Xerox are encouraging their technicians, authorized service providers and sub-contractors throughout the Americas to certify in CompTIA Printing and Document Imaging+ (CompTIA PDI+).

CompTIA PDI+ is the only vendor-neutral certification that measures an IT worker or field service technician’s ability to support printing and document imaging devices, including printers, copiers, scanners, multi-function devices and fax machines.

The PDIA+ interactive e-Learning offers a comprehensive, interactive, online course specifically designed to help individuals prepare for the CompTIA PDI+ certification exam as well as to learn tips to help in day-to-day troubleshooting.

A 2010 CompTIA study  found that nearly three-quarters of employers believe their organization gains business by promoting to customers and potential customers that its IT staff is certified. A like percentage of employers also said CompTIA PDI+ certification saves them valuable time and resources in evaluating potential IT job candidates by providing a baseline set of knowledge for IT positions. (Source: Printing and Document Imaging Certification and Training Insights, CompTIA, July 2010)

From the IT professional’s perspective, the same study revealed that achieving CompTIA PDI+ certification contributes to career advancement, getting a foot in the door for interviews, receiving higher pay, and changing fields or industries.

CompTIA PDI+ covers the skills associated with a technician's understanding of basic electromechanical components and tools, print engine and scan processes and components, color theory, connectivity, networking and general troubleshooting. The certification exam also covers “soft” skills such as customer service, professionalism, safety and environment.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

CDIA+ PDI+ Certification Training

The CompTIA Printing and Document Imaging (PDI+™) certification is a vendor neutral credential that certifies that an individual has the required knowledge and skills necessary to understand the principal operations of digital print and document imaging devices. These devices include printers, copiers, scanners, multi-functional devices (MFDs) and fax machines.

CompTIA PDI+™ serves as a solid foundation for entry into a career involving the service and support of printing and document imaging devices. It also provides a stepping stone for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training for authorization on specific devices.
PDI+ is for entry level service and support technicians involved in the installation, connectivity, maintenance, repair, and support of devices in printing and document imaging technologies.

CompTIA's CDIA (Certified Document Imaging Architech) certification is a nationally recognized credential acknowledging competency and professionalism in the document imaging industry. CDIA Certification candidates must possess critical knowledge of all major areas and technologies used to plan, design and specify an imaging system.