Friday, August 10, 2012

IT Job Growth Is Substantial for many in the U.S.

IT Job Growth Is Substantial and will Continue to be 
 So Stay Educated, Trained, and Certified.

You might have heard that the IT sector is losing jobs. It is true, that depending on which jobs being referenced, that there is decline. However, these are only the lower end IT jobs which have been outsourced out of the country

According to a new report, the higher skilled IT jobs are on the increase and worth investing in, in terms of education.

In the last decade (2001-2011), employment in the U.S. only grew 0.2 percent, while IT related jobs grew by 25%. This equated to 742,000 new jobs being created in that time span.

“This report dispels the notion that the best days for IT jobs have passed with the bursting of the .com bubble in 2000 and the practice of off-shoring today,”, the IT & Innovation Foundation stated.

With these jobs which were created, the sector is on the increase. As more advanced technologies sprout, along with new certifications necessary to understand these technologies, education has become more important than ever.

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