Thursday, October 27, 2011

CompTIA Strata Certification Training Course

CompTIA's Strata certification program offers fundamental to advanced certificates that validate a wide range of subjects in information technology (IT). Students and professionals holding a Strata certificate demonstrate that they have the knowledge required to enter and excel in IT and technology-related fields. Strata exams validate knowledge in several IT subjects, including Green IT, Technical Sales and PC concepts.
The CompTIA Strata IT for Sales exam is designed to show that the successful candidate has the knowledge to effectively engage a customer, identify types of technology users, coordinate with technical staff, ensure customer satisfaction, and provide appropriate solutions based on customer requirements - including Green IT and preventative maintenance.
The Strata IT for Sales certificate is ideal for students or individuals entering a sales career as well as seasoned sales professionals new to selling technology products and solutions.
CompTIA's Strata Green IT certificate is designed to enhance an IT professional's experience, knowledge, and existing IT credentials to incorporate emerging technologies shaping the global green IT industry today. IT professionals that pass the Green IT exam validate that they have the aptitude needed to effectively implement and measure green IT programs and investments, including:
- A specialized knowledge of current IT methodologies
- The ability to develop, deploy, and calculate true ROI for green IT initiatives
- Knowledge of cost-cutting power management and IT virtualization techniques
- Proven understanding of environmentally-sound waste disposal
- An awareness of global organizations mandating standards and regulations
The Strata Green IT certificate is ideal for IT professionals who have decision making authority over a company's IT infrastructure or work in implementing green IT initiatives such as an IT manager, data center or facilities / operations manager, IT technician, and system or network administrator.

CompTIA Strata Course Curriculum.

Course Overview

What is CompTIA Strata
The Visual PC and How it Works
Visual PC Overview and Motherboard Component Identification
Individual Component Identification and Lap Tops
Component Identification Exam
The Logical Flow Of Data
The Operating System
Functions Of the Operating System
Windows Basic Training
Windows Desktop and My Computer
Configuring Appearance and Selecting Files and Folders
Control Panel, Accessibility Options, System Applet
Backing UP and Backing UP
Back up Solutions and Policies
Types of Printers
Laser Printers and The Printer Interface
Video and Audio
Types of Monitors
Video Cards and Sound Cards
The CPU and RAM
CPU Central Processing Unit
RAM Random Access Memory
Storage Devices
OSI Model
Network Hardware
Network Software
IPV4 and IPV6
Green IT
Electrical Safety and green IT
Disposal of Computer Equipment
IT Sales
Ethics and The Sales Process
Sales Terminology,Finding Customers and Customer Commitment
Course Outro
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